Hello everybody I hope you are having a wonderful day today and i have just a couple suggestions for the server as i enjoy it immensely already and would like to see it grow!

First it would be cool if there was a party system that included sharing exp, a private party chat channel, and it would promote teamwork instead of people just farming one area of the dungeon and taking all the exp.

Next a friends system would be nice to see as it would just be convenient to add people and know when they are online vs not.

Next i would like to propose a new weapon to promote weapon diversity- spears! they can be faster then a sword but slower than an axe and it would be nice if they had a slight range advantage over some other weapons.

And finally, split damage. this is a mechanic in other rpgs and the like in which a weapon has 2 different types of damage it deals and so it scales with 2 or more different stats, in this case it would deal both magic and physical damage so it would scale with both the power and magic stat (scale means to deal more damage depending on how high the stat is)

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions and im sure i will be able to come up with more as i continue to play and experience what the server has to offer.